Extended airport time. No naps

So, first I’d like to let you know that I’ve made it to Iceland. Yayy! It was an uneventful flight, including the event of sleeping, which I naively thought would happen and was the foundation for the part of the plan where I needed to wait at the airport for 8 hours until Aggie, with whom I’m sharing a car rental, arrives from Brussels. I’m very tired.

When you travel alone with more luggage than can be physically strapped to your body, airport naps are not really possible. There has been lots of coffee, frequent walks to wake myself up, and in a brief moment of weakness, I contemplated locking myself and my bags in a bathroom stall for a nasty little slumber. Luckily being sleepy makes me even more sensitive to smells, so that thought was very fleeting. Did I mention I’m tired? I just ate what is the equivalent of gas station eggs, so hopefully the food provides sustenance and alertness and is not fiercely rejected. Time will tell. Ugh. Time.

Well, in the abundance of time I’ve had, I managed to take a few pictures with the 360 camera. I look/feel disgusting, but it is what it is, and there is no escaping this lens. Enjoy the Reykjavik airport! Move your phone around to get the full experience. And, if you have google cardboard, hit the goggle icon in the corners of each image to get the split screen.